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Public Health Professional with Ph.D


Pursuing a PhD degree in public health will help you have a demanding career. Through your extensive research, you can identify the prevailing problems in your society and find solutions for the same to build a healthy nation. The public health industry is ever-evolving and requires a lot of professionals to ensure that the citizens are leading a healthy life. Your doctoral degree will fetch you a pool of opportunities in the field of public health and help you grow ahead in your career, thereby making your nation hale.

3 and 3.5 Years

Master’s degree in Public Health/Medical Science/Health Science/Bio Science/Pharmacy/Paramedical/Medical/Clinical Medicine/Nursing

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Advantages of Studying Ph.D. in Public Health

Technology Driven Learning

Learn anytime from any place with the help of our robust Learning Management System (LMS). Experience the joy of classroom learning virtually.

Student Centered

Dedicated student coordinators work with students on every step throughout the course. They would be guiding students on faculty interactions, projects and more.

Teaching Methodology

Join 1000+ students from all over the world who have enrolled in Public Health program with us.


The Public Health Professional with Ph.D degree from TAU, Guyana, is recognized by the Higher Education Authority, Guyana and approved by Health Professions council of Guyana

Illustrious Alumni Base

Our alumni are employed in World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), NGOs, Ministries of various countries & more


Students have access to additional resources – Digital library for references, eJournals for research publications and eConference


  • Designed specifically for working professionals
  • Program delivered by distinguished faculty
  • Personalized attention and guidance throughout the program
  • University appointed co-guides
  • Online access to comprehensive e-Library
  • Contribute to the enrichment and advancement of knowledge
  • Assume leadership roles in healthcare and/or pursue academic research positions upon completion


  • Demonstrated ability to apply Public Health principles derived from public health sciences
  • Design action plans for political support for health programs and policies
  • Mobilize, organize and utilize appropriate resources to address prevailing health problems
  • Demonstrated skills in designing and conducting original research in Public Health

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